HAMMERS™ is a multi-user, Membership Management And Event Registration System designed specifically for HBA / BIA offices by EO's for EO's. It is feature-rich and intended to be an integrated solution for Association Membership Management and their Related Membership activities, such as Invoicing and Accounts Receivable, Communications, Events, Committees, Councils, and PAC Contributions, etc. HAMMERS brings Productivity and Efficiency to life in the HBA / BIA office!

The Network Scalability, Affordability, and Flexibility of HAMMERS™ make it a Sound Investment for associations of any size.


“I cannot imagine how we ever survived without HAMMERS! It is so user friendly, even I can use it, and  when we do encounter a problem or just have a question, LDI’s support staff are always prompt in assisting us in a friendly and comprehensible manner.”

Fran H. Druse, BIAE, Executive Vice President
Baldwin County Home Builders Association, Alabama